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Handcrafted Goods

Handcrafted Goods

Handcrafted Goods

Welcome to Liz's Filipino Desserts!  We are here to service the Filipino-American Community through our bakery with the highest quality Desserts.  We bake all of our Fresh Desserts in small batches to ensure we are focusing on delivering a taste that makes you feel like you are at home in The Philippines.  We currently offer our Bibingka and Suman for sale in several grocery stores in the Saint Louis Area.  In addition you can contact us for local pickup or order via our online store!


Early Beginnings

Handcrafted Goods

Handcrafted Goods

 As a little girl at the age of 3, Liz began learning the family secrets to baking Bibingka.  Once Liz arrived in America she began sharing her Filipino Bibingka with friends and they became an instant favorite!  As popularity increased, we have decided to expand our business and offer these finest desserts to our community for friends! We value your support, feedback and comments!  Our goal is to grow our business to server our Friends the best Filipino Desserts possible!


Our Guarantee

Handcrafted Goods

Our Guarantee

We have worked very hard to perfect our Bibingka and Suman to offer our community of Friends!  We want everyone to enjoy the traditional tastes of the Philippines!  If for some reason your order does not meet your satisfaction, please let us know immediately.  We will be happy to work with you to make it right and if we can't fix it, we will gladly offer a refund.  Our goal is to grow our business by taking care of our Customers and ensuring their 100% satisfaction!


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Greetings Friends!

We are very blessed by all of your support during these times!  We wanted to take a moment to post our temporary shipping schedule.  We have seen some delays through our local post office in our area and in order to help we will be driving all of our orders to the main postal facilities in Saint Louis.  This will ensure that packages can reach the main postal distribution network quicker and keep things on track.  

We will only be shipping on Monday & Fridays.  

If you order on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, your order will ship on Monday.

If you order on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, your order will ship on Friday.

All orders will be baked fresh on Monday or Friday for shipping.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Thanks for all your support!